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the story of our school in the dominican republic


are our future

In 2015 the Lord led RIPMinistries to sponsor two Haitian schools in La Vega, Dominican Republic. Due to unfortunate circumstances these children were not afforded the opportunity to attend public school. Subsequently, many of them were 9 and 10 years old and were just learning how to write their names. This is heartbreaking.

The Lord moved on the heart of a Haitian Pastor living in the Dominican Republic, Idovil Gervais, to do something about it. Pastor Idovil started one school, and then another, but he was struggling to keep the schools open. The parents can't afford to pay towards their children's education. Pastor Idovil was keeping the lights on (literally) by asking for donations. Since 2015, RIPMinistries took over the schools, birthed a church, and is now growing the project.  We have gone from 80 children to 170(+).  We provide them a Christ-based education and a hot meal every school day.  Believe God with us for these children to mature into the men/women He called them to be.

changing lives

one child at a time

Here are a few pictures of the children we support.  THANK YOU to our partners and supporters for helping us to make a difference in their lives!

partner with us on this mission

When Jesus highlights to you a NEED, it almost requires you to move towards it because you are the SOLUTION.  

Jesus was the ultimate missionary. He left heaven and came to earth to deal with a sin problem He did not create.  We did not create the challenge these children are facing, but we can surely do something about it.  You may not be able to travel to the Dominican Republic, but your donations can go where you can't.

first meeting

When Rick and Isabella first met Pastor Idovil and the children of our two schools, the Lord knitted them together.  We are thankful to be able to extend the love of God to children who truly need an opportunity to thrive in this world.

first meeting

God connected us to these children and this work.  We cannot turn back!  Thank you for partnering with us.


Building a new church and school

Thanks to our partners, we have purchased land (debt free), and construction on the New Church and School begins January 2021.  Here are pictures of the plans.


No amount too small... no gift too big

If you would like to partner with us, please make a donation below.  All donations are tax-deductible in the United States.