Rick Piña made Jesus his Lord in 1995.  He immediately perceived he was called to preach the Gospel.  He preached his first sermon in 1996 and has been preaching ever since.  God has graced Rick to teach the Word in a way that is easily understood.  Rick preaches a message that empowers believers to user their faith to access God's grace.  Rick’s purpose in life is to help people discover their purpose.

For over 22 years Rick has shared a daily devotional (Today’s Word) and it has grown to a global following.  In 2007, Rick and his wife Isabella, started RIPMinistries (Rick and Isabella Piña Ministries). They are teaching the Word with simplicity and sharing God’s love around the world.  

RIPMinistries has a church (Grace Destiny Church) in the Dominican Republic and two schools (Grace Destiny Academy), where the ministry provides an education for 160(+) disadvantaged children; providing a Christ-based education that will train them to become the men/women God called them to be.

Rick and Isabella are currently based in Virginia, where they serve under their Spiritual Parents, Apostles Tony and Cynthia Brazelton, at Victory Christian Ministries International (VCMI) -- Virginia.

Born in Brooklyn to immigrant parents and raised in a multiracial environment, Rick easily connects with all people, of all backgrounds, at all levels.  God uses Rick to reach General and Private, rich and poor, Black and White, Hispanic and Asian. Like Paul, Rick believes he is graced to be all things to all people, so that some may be saved.

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Isabella PINA

Isabella Pina was born Isabella Toussaint in Dominica.  She was raised in a humble village by her Grandmother, who believed in her.  Her Grandmother’s confidence in her helped Isabella develop a tireless dedication in school.  God’s hand was on Isabella, she excelled in school, and after High School she traveled to the United States (U.S.), shortly after which she enlisted in the United States Army as an Automated Logistical Specialist.

After serving the United States in Korea and Texas as an Enlisted Soldier, she deployed to Bosnia-Herzegovina.  While in Bosnia Isabella returned to the God of her youth – rededicating her life to Jesus the Christ.

While serving the Lord in both the military and in ministry, Isabella became an officer (an Army Nurse), and she served as a nurse (for both God and the Army), in Georgia, Washington, Iraq, and in the Washington DC area.  After 21 years of dedicated service in the U.S. Army, Isabella retired in August, 2015.

Isabella now leads RIPM (Rick and Isabella Piña Ministries), along with her husband, and they both serve the Lord locally under at Victory Christian Ministries International – Virginia, under the anointed leadership of Apostles Tony and Cynthia Brazelton.

God has graced Isabella to preach a Word that inspires believers to overcome challenges with their faith and God's grace. 

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