Missions to the caribbean

RIPMinistries is called to minister in the United States and abroad.  From a Missions perspective, the Lord has called us to focus on efforts to the Caribbean, in three main countries: the Dominican Republic, Dominica, and Haiti.  

We provide our partners an annual report on what we do with their donations.  Here is the report for 2020: 2020 Annual Report.

Dominican Republic

Rick Pina's family is from the Dominican Republic.  He grew up in Brooklyn, NY, but he visited the Dominican Republic most of his life as a child and he attended one of his High School years there.  While Rick is thankful to be an American and thankful to have served our great nation for 25 years in the United States Army, the Dominican Republic will always have a special place in Rick's heart.  The Lord has called Rick and Isabella to go back to the Dominican Republic to share His love, Word and power.


Isabella Pina was born and raised in Dominica.  She did not immigrate to the United States until she was a young woman.  Dominica will always have a special place in Isabella's heart.  Isabella grew up in an area without running water or electricity.  She remembers being visited by Missionaries from time to time.  Isabella actually gave her life to Christ in a Missions tent in Dominica.  A group of Americans visited to share the love and Word of God with the locals.  Isabella visited the meeting and she was Born-Again.  RIPMinistries is thankful the Lord has called us to go back to Dominica to share His love, Word and power with those in Isabella's homeland.


The Lord placed Haiti in Rick and Isabella's hearts, almost as a symbol of their union.  Haiti is on the same Island as the Dominican Republic (where Rick's family is from), and the locals speak Creole (Isabella's native tongue).  After the earthquake of 2010 RIPMinistries sent Isabella to Haiti on a Medical Missions trip and the country has had a special place in the heart of our ministry ever since.

*** Haitian Schools in the Dominican Republic

In 2015 the Lord led Rick and Isabella to sponsor (through RIPMinistries) two Haitian schools in the Dominican Republic.  This is our primary assignment in the Caribbean.  Due to unfortunate circumstances these children were not afforded the opportunity to attend public school. Subsequently, many of them are 9 and 10 years old and they are just now learning how to write their names.  God has called us to provide them a Christian education that will serve as a foundation for life-long success in Christ.  Believe God with us that these children will become the men/women God called them to be.

Please visit the following pages that provide more detail concerning what RIPMinistries is doing in the Caribbean:

Thank you in advance for helping us do what we are called to do.